Mazak Announces Major Expansion of North American Manufacturing Plant
Company gears up for an increased production capacity of 200 machines per month

佛罗伦萨,Kentucky June 21,2012— Mazak Corporation today announced that it will significantly expand the company's North American manufacturing plant in Florence,Kentucky.This expansion will allow for increased production and support of new and additional Mazak machine models in Kentucky,and increase the facility's potential production capacity to 200 machines per month to meet surging customer demands.Completion of the expansion is set for the Fall of 2013,尽管某些方面将在2012年12月完成。Mazak will host a special commemoration event at that time.

Coinciding with the growth of its production facility,Mazak is bolstering its customer service and support offerings with expansions to its National Technology Center & Center for Multi-Tasking and Manufacturing Excellence and North American Parts Center.组合的,这三次重大扩建将为马扎克的肯塔基制造业园区增加20万平方英尺。将其总建筑面积增加到80万平方英尺,并将其定位为全国最大的机床厂之一。

Mazak continuously invests in its North American operations and has expanded its Kentucky campus 15 times since the plant opened in 1974,每次增加生产能力。The 2012 expansions will allow Mazak to quickly and effectively fulfill customers' evolving needs for advanced machine tool technology and 亚博电竞菠菜applications support as U.S.manufacturing continues to grow in the energy,aerospace,construction and agriculture equipment,automotive and medical industries.此外,马扎克将进一步提高全球出口机器的能力。

"The late chairman and CEO of Yamazaki Mazak Corporation Teruyuki (Terry) Yamazaki had the foresight to manufacture machine tools in the United States to gain an innate understanding of its manufacturing culture and to support the industry in the best possible way," said Brian Papke,president of Mazak Corporation."And from the day the company opened its doors in Kentucky,Mazak has continued that dedication to the support of U.S.不仅通过我们高效先进的机床技术制造,but also through our unmatched apprenticeship and training programs to help build a stronger highly skilled U.S.劳动力。”

As one stage of the manufacturing facility expansion,existing shop production offices currently housed within the plant will move to a new added area,这将在制造大楼内创造一个宽敞的中心通道。The larger floor space will allow for the installation of new additional manufacturing equipment,including a highly advanced manufacturing cell that is unique to the industry and produced exclusively by Mazak.

The new cell will incorporate Mazak's modular PALLETECH system,which allows dissimilar machine tools to be integrated into the same manufacturing cell.为了生产马扎克新的大型机器型号的所有组件系列,该单元将包括肯塔基州建造的Mazak Orbitec 20型大型零件加工中心,two Mazak Horizontal Center Nexus Machining Centers and a full 5-axis INTEGREX e-1060V Vertical Machining Center.

Expansion of 亚博电竞菠菜Applications Support
The National Technology Center is the hub for Mazak's eight Regional Technology Centers and,as such,enhances Mazak's customer support capabilities throughout North America.The National Technology Center,which opened in 1996 and was doubled in size as the result of a 2006 expansion,will now grow from 69,000 to 100,183 square feet.Included will be the addition of seven new high bay areas,a second story to its office section and additional square footage for its technology demonstration area.The new office area 亚博电竞provides for six new dedicated customer-training rooms and space for the company's National Service Department.

Increase in Parts Support
马扎克公司北美零件中心的扩建将使该工厂的存储容量增加25%。两个全新的全自动垂直提升模块存储系统将使小部件容量增加5600个部件,and Mazak is replacing an existing rack system with a new one that will 亚博电竞provide 286 more pallets of large part storage.In total,这一扩张将使马扎克零件中心能够储存超过50000个独特的零件编号,这是该行业最大的备件库存之一,价值超过6500万美元,可立即交付97%的订单。

"Mazak's original goal for the U.S.manufacturing campus was to allow us to be completely integrated into the market and,因此,更好地为制造商服务,”派克说。“多年来,我们一直致力于实现这一目标,which is evident in the sustained growth and expansion of our facilities.As are our customers,我们始终致力于不断改进,and providing them with the resources they need as business evolves."

About Mazak Corporation
Mazak Corporation is a leader in the design and manufacture of productive machine tool solutions.Committed to being a partner to customers with innovative technology,its world-class facility in Florence,Kentucky,生产100多种型号的转向中心,多任务机器和立式加工中心,包括5轴模型。不断投资制造技术,使肯塔基州伊斯马特工厂成为业内最先进、最高效的工厂。通过“按需生产”实践,提供优质可靠的产品。Mazak maintains eight Technology Centers across North America to 亚博电竞provide local hands亚博电竞菠菜-on applications,service and sales support to customers.For more information on Mazak's products and solutions,visitwww.mazakusa.com或者跟随我们TwitterandFacebook.